RE: What languages fix

First, read this

Now, then . . .

PHP: Because there was nobody around to stop us.

PowerBuilder: Because you are a moron. (Also: We are, too).

Haskell: Because you are a moron. (Also: We are super geniuses and have proved it).

FORTH: Can We Because

Microcode: Because assembly language is too high level

Ada: Because we were just following orders

Brainfuck, Intercal, Whitespace, et al: Because!


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5 Responses to RE: What languages fix

  1. milktrader says:

    R: You cannot reject the null hypothesis that we really don’t like programming

  2. Grout says:

    C++11: C++89 didn’t have enough ampersands.

  3. eck says:

    NewtonScript: Because Walter can!

  4. Barton says:

    Intercal: because Fortran doesn’t have a ‘come from’ flow control statement.

  5. MikeA says:

    Intercal didn’t have a “Come From” either, originally. It was added because some folks who didn’t get the memo thought exceptions were cool (like bow-ties).

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