RenderMonkey to the rescue

I always wanted to muck around with GPU shaders, without having to write a thousand lines of C++ and other nonsense.

RenderMonkey is the answer. Yay! Now I can start plowing through those GPU Gems books that have been nagging me…

(Yeah, y’all probably knew it already).

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2 Responses to RenderMonkey to the rescue

  1. Jack Palevich says:

    Heh, I wrote a web-page-based shader IDE back in the day, using ActiveX:

    Got me a job offer from the DX team. 🙂

    These days you can do shader development in a modern web browser using WebGL:

  2. BlueRaja says:

    HLSL is used by XNA, which requires very little boilerplate. And unlike RenderMonkey, it’s still supported.

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