Really advanced data structures

This is a neat set of course notes  on advanced data structures from MIT (link courtesy of Reddit).

Also, kids appear to be doing graph walks in 2nd grade math. Not presented as such, but as “find paths through a set of boxes-and-lines that add up to various numbers” type problems. I tried to get my son to do a DFS using pennies as markers, but I think he was more interested in the pennies.

The singularity will be right around the corner when 8 year old kids start coming home from school complaining that the homework problems are only N log N complexity, and that they’re bored, bored, and that last week Johnny’s family uploaded and everybody’s doing it so why can’t we?

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3 Responses to Really advanced data structures

  1. girlhacker says:

    Actually, it’s 3rd grade math. He’s doing math a year ahead because he gets that part of his brain from you. Love, your pedantic wife.

    [I stand corrected — DH]

  2. Joe says:

    My oldest daughter had homework in 3rd grade (give or take a year) – extra credit, mind you, but still – that was computing the number of paths from corner to corner in an NxM grid. It was surprisingly easy to show her how to solve it by dynamic programming.

  3. Hrm, good luck with that singularity.

    My kids came home from school complaining that the teechurz coodent spel. Our parent-teacher nights confirmed it.

    You must live in a better neighborhood.

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