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I’ve been digging into more C++ esoterica recently; a result of having to grok a bunch of code written in a group with a completely different mindset. (I may have mis-spelled the word “morals”).

So, I think I know how the seduction starts. You think, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could save some time with a template class that does (something nice)?” And like all roads to perdition it’s great and it works out for a while, until one of three things happens:

(A) It breaks down in an obscure way, and you have to add a bunch of complexity to fix it.

(B) Someone develops unreasonable expectations of it and adds a bunch of complexity to satisfy themselves.

(C) You pay no attention to it for a week or two, but when you come back it’s evolved eyes and tentacles and poison fangs and it’s turning nearby classes into its minions. “God, it’s invaded <stdarg> and moving in on <string>! Get the logic probe! Lay down some suppressing fire in AWRRK!”

I don’t know why (C) seems to happen a lot, but it does.

Practice constant vigilance. We are under attack.


Is there any practical reason to learn Go?

(Other than the usual argument of “It’s always good to stretch your head by learning a new language”).


Borderlands 2 is a lot of fun and it’s cutting into my reading time, dammit. The snarky humor is great.

I think that being bombarded with a zillion different weapons would work a lot better with a good way to manage them. Mostly I just stick with a few that work well, and re-evaluate if I know I’m going to be up against a certain type of baddie. But on the whole, the backpack space is wasted — it’s full all the time — and I’d just like to be able to break stuff down in the field.

(Also, the design of the travel point in the Bloodshot Ramparts is just broken, and probably cost me four hours).


As I write this, my son is filling up a large valley in Minecraft with TNT.


“Wheee! I almost touched the clouds!”

Reminds me of Operation Plowshare.

Someday, if he is interested, I will get him a Real Chemistry Set.  Perhaps we shouldn’t have torn down the cinder-block shed in our back yard.

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5 Responses to Random Musings

  1. I think your kid might have a success at this sport – anvil shooting. They have a world championship too…



  2. Barton says:

    When I sat down in front of my RSS reader, your article and this http://www.yosefk.com/blog/c-as-an-intermediate-language.html were both sitting there waiting to be read. I was left with a definite sense of ‘wow, that’s interesting’ juxtaposed with ‘wow, that would be freakin’ hard to debug if it went sideways’.

    Queue tentacles.

  3. C++ programmer says:

    Well C++ is a complicated language. But most of my horror stories is because of some fiendishly evil developers(subvert-the-type-system-in-Haskell-evil) who abuses the languages he or she wields. It seems that the opportunities for abuse are greater with C++.

  4. me says:

    Obviously, people wouldn’t hype it to high heaven if it wasn’t absolutely worth learning… remember how that happened with java? Remember how sad you were to have stuck with C++ instead?



  5. if I were ever to return to code id stick with ruby + c with linux kernel grade macros ( for interfaces or other speedy modules )

    ruby is a beauty to write and READ, an awesome ducttape, while c is nimble reliable knife to dibble with in details if required

    involving self with c++ is a way to crazytown, since it shares both highlevel ruby features and c speed, doing nothing really the way it supposed to…

    tho still im on my way to the vegan farm, since im done with this stuff and wanna work with my body more and less with head 😛 friend recently landed in http://cielitolindoranch.org/wp/ and says its awesometown. full of people who are not into ‘eco’ for eco (and i agree, planet is a wonderful seflhealing machine and needs neither our care or help), but for having a blast at life 🙂

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