disable java NOW

It would be a good idea to disable Java now. Instructions here.

By the way, Oracle knew about this about four months ago.


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12 Responses to disable java NOW

  1. henderson101 says:

    Haha! it seems I don’t even have Java installed on my machine, just my development VM 🙂

  2. Adam Robinson says:

    I vanished it a long long time ago.

  3. Dan says:

    Yep, did it 2 years ago, never looked back.

    For 15 years I’ve hoped & expected that Java would go gently into that good night, but like ringworm, it just refuses to give up.

  4. Adam Robinson says:

    My linked list just threw a FileNotFoundException.


  5. landon says:

    I just installed it so I could play Minecraft with my son.

    It’s gone now.

    [I am less than impressed with Java as a PC gaming platform — I had to dig a fair amount to get the VM parameters right so that Minecraft would run well. Took me back to the days of configuring extended / expanded memory for DOS games.]

  6. hawkse says:

    OT: QEMM, that was *magic*.

  7. Mike Albaugh says:

    So, I’m confused. The instructions say how to disable it on Safari,
    but they also say Apple is “not affected”. How many people actually run Safari on Windows? Does it even run on *n[iu]x?

  8. Andrew Phillips says:

    An emergency update for this was just released. 7u7.

  9. landon says:

    @Andrew: Annddd . . . there’s a security hole in the updated version.


    I expect lots of bug hunting here in the next few weeks, with many exploits found and not published. I’d love to see the marketplace for Java-related cracks over the next couple of months.

  10. Shamus H says:

    It really should be called Minecrack as it’s really addicting–what’s not to like? It’s like the worlds biggest Lego set only you can morph the blocks into other things. That said, you’re probably better off without it. And yes, Java sucks as a gaming platform. We’ve had cross-platform middleware for how long now? :p

    And, while Java is unquestionably evil, it pays the bills over here. Even so, it should die in a fire. Especially now that Oracle controls it.

  11. …or just install NoScript if you’re a FireFox user. Similar goodness may be found for Chrome. IE? Never touch it.

    Granted, it may be better to never install (or uninstall) Java and Flash, but for those who do have those monstrosities installed, allowing them to launch automatically on every random page you visit is… ahem… a mistake and you will regret it.

    Whitelists, people, whitelists…

  12. Oh, and some of us are stuck with OpenOffice or LibreOffice, and FreeMind — which makes it kinda tough to uninstall. Yet.

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