I can’t let this announcement by Sun go unscathed, either. “Java technology is igniting an adrenaline rush in gaming — offering developers the promise of ultra-high performance, truly cross platform gaming with massive market opportunity, and offering end users access to the coolest new games on a tidal wave of new devices,” sez a boffin at Sun.

Ooooh, adjectives. He can use perty-soundin’ adjectives and “Java” in the same sentence. But – whoa – he also combined “Java” with an illegally augmented use of “performance,” which is a syntax error in english. Game over, baby; it’s back to the clue barn without any of your weapons or gold.

We’re not going to see Doom 3 written in Java any time soon. The offering from Sun looks to be a back-end server thing, which might be okay. Maybe a little scripting. Maybe checkers. I do know one fellow who’s been trying to hack games in Java. I’ve chosen not to repeat his remarks (abject misery is so unattractive).

Prediction: Developers are going to look at this Java runtime thing they need to bolt onto their app. They’re going to look at their C++ code. They’re going to look at the Java thing. And guess what’s going to happen? It’ll be game over for yet another crop of psuedo execs in the gaming biz. Big surprise.

Don’t bother to tell me I’m battle-scarred…

[If a “game technology group” is one of the pre-death spinning-out-of-control signs of a company considering drain-circling motions, then I’d pay good money to see PeopleSoft’s efforts in this direction…]

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