The right attitude

The PM said, “This meeting was useful. Should we set up a recurring meeting on this subject?”

So I stabbed him in the heart.

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7 Responses to The right attitude

  1. Neil says:

    You were too kind.

  2. A Worker says:

    A less felonious response might have been: Define ‘useful’.

  3. HerpDerp says:


    I am convinced that most meetings are instigated by project managers, development managers, and incompetent developers because they are bored, lonely, craving human contact or just plain trying to keep busy and justify their existence.

    Of course you’re joking about the stabbing, but in seriousness, I’d probably reply to such a question with a very direct, “How about if we just have meetings when they’re absolutely necessary?” Kind of highlights the silliness and pointlessness of just blocking off time before knowing if it will be useful / fruitful. If you’ve got nothing better to do, of course you don’t mind blocking off that time.

    • joel garry says:

      How about “Maybe, but wouldn’t it be even better to improve productivity and communication by having the company spring for weekly lunch meetings catered by Karl Strauss Brewery?” Then you either get free beer, or no meeting, with the added bonus of being able to point out you make positive contributions. You lose the standing ovation the stabbing would engender, though.

  4. ECM says:

    I have to say: if you didn’t make your way as a programmer, you could probably have made a decent career in deadpan humor.

  5. joel garry says:

    Timely! Cupid 2.0

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