One startup I was at for three years was bought (after I left) by company A, which was in turn bought by PeopleSoft, rendering a portion of the stock I had exercised into 27 shares of PeopleSoft. (The other portion of stock had become worthless. My early dotcom bubble).

Later, at another start-up, I had a chance to work with PeopleSoft. We had a contractor come in (a hell of a competent and very nice guy, by the way) and spend a week installing Oracle and then PeopleSoft 8. Then he wiped the machine and we installed it together, which took three days of cursing, crossing out wrong sections in the manual, scribbling new instructions in the margins, and so on. It was pretty hellish . . . and that was only getting it installed.

During this time, I read some articles about how the San Francisco school district was also having a hell of a time with PeopleSoft, to the tune of six million bucks of consulting, and it wasn’t working yet. I believed it.

So when my 27 shares of PeopleSoft stock go down, I cheer. Perhaps PeopleSoft’s recent purchase of JDE will drag both ships down, and the world can move to other solutions.

[Remember: In the computing industry, a “solution” doesn’t necessarily solve anyone’s problem…]

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