New ride

The┬áR1100GS I bought in 1995. What a great bike; it’s done tons of highway and some off-road miles, and never let me down.

In with the new; an R1200RT:

I’m still getting used to it, and I’m deliberately not using all the fancy, distracting buttons and switches until I’m totally comfortable with it. For example: BMW got rid of their old turn signal switches (a directional button for each thumb) and now uses a traditional rocker switch on the left thumb now; it’s harder to signal, and I have to practice.

On this morning’s commute, compared to the GS I felt like I was in a bubble of air; the amount of wind and noise was dramatically reduced. I guess that’s the whole point of a touring faring.

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3 Responses to New ride

  1. Kaishaku says:

    Nice hoopty. I bet it’s easy to adjust the valves on those beasts.

  2. Stuart in Austin says:

    I learned to ride on an R69S in 1962. It was bliss! I feel no temptation to ride now. In Austin 30% of traffic fatalities are motorcyclists, to many of them riders in my age category.

  3. Titus Chirila says:

    For US roads the touring makes sense. In my country, Romania, GS like bikes fit better, we have poor quality roads, with lots of twisties. I had the 1150 GS along to Yamaha XT660R, Yamaha Bulldog BT1100 and Buell Ulysses. I sold last year the GS because it was close to Buell and for me Uly is more fun. Pity H-D did not promote Buell properly, US lost a very interesting line of motorbikes.

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