Today . . .

Today I learned about HellBanning. Similar to Disemvowelment, but more crafty.

I finished the single player mode of Portal 2. I enjoyed the first Portal, but didn’t finish it because the game play got really twitchy toward the end. I thoroughly enjoyed Portal 2; the game play was great (a /little/ twitch, but mostly puzzles), the plot was good, the voice acting was excellent and very entertaining, and the boss ending was not too bad. (Sorry I ignored your party invite, Statcher, I was busy).

It’s the second really nice day in a row in the Seattle area, and I’m getting outside now.

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  1. Barry Kelly says:

    If you thought Portal was twitchy towards the end, you were probably doing it wrong. I guess you probably got stuck at a similar position my girlfriend got stuck at: where you’re trying to conserve vertical momentum, and climb to a great height, by falling through a series of ever ascending portal platforms. But if you do it right, you don’t have to twitch at all: as long as you only have momentum in the Z axis (up-down) and are still in the X and Y axes, then you need only aim to climb. The final boss isn’t too difficult either; the biggest issue initially is getting everything done in time, rather than needing to twitch.

  2. “Hellban”? That’s just a new term for ghost-banning, or bogofiltering. Fantastically useful by any name.

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