New books this year

I mentioned earlier that Vernor Vinge has a new book out in October. Here are a few more:

Robert Charles Wilson’s _Vortex_ (July). I really liked _Spin_, and _Axis_ hopefully suffered from an “unsatisfying book in the middle” effect (though it was still pretty good).

Charles Stross’ _Rule 34_ (July).

Steven Gould’s _7th Sigma_ (July). If you haven’t read _Jumper_ or _Wildside_, go do that.

Neal Stephenon’s _Readme_ (September). I really liked _Zodiac_, _Snow Crash_ and _The Diamond Age_, but didn’t get through his bug-crushing System of the World trilogy. I’d like to see another _Anathem_, but I’d be happy if it was as good as _The Cobweb_.

Jay Lake’s _Endurance (Nov). Follow-on to the quite excellent fantasy _Green_.

I’m sure there’s more. And to think that in January I was saying, “Man, it’s going to be another dry year for books.”

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3 Responses to New books this year

  1. J Osborne says:

    If you liked Jumper and Wildside, give The Walls of the Universe (Paul Melko) a shot.

    IMHO the Amazon reviews spoil part of the story by giving away too much. They should have stuck to a much shorter summary: “Ohio farmboy John Rayburn is a high-school senior with relatively mundane concerns when, claiming to be from an alternate universe, his doppelganger, John Prime, shows up. The temptation to try out Prime’s universe-surfing device proves too great to resist”

    If that doesn’t hook you, just take my word for it. If you can’t trust me, well read their review and spoil 5% of the story for yourself, you deserve it 🙂

  2. landon says:

    @JOsborne: _Walls of the Universe_ was a lot of fun, yes. (However, I didn’t like Melko’s _Singularity’s Ring_. Melko’s book of short stories was excellent, YMMV).

    Another good “quick”read: Jeffrey Olton’s _The Getaway Special_. Yet another: Duncan Long’s _Anti-Grav Unlimited_. You’d think that Olton and Long were channeling each other, but they’re both worth a read.

  3. Adam Monsen says:

    Have you read Leviathan Wakes? I loved it. Epic sci-fi.

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