“Excuse me, /I/ speak Product Management.”

(turns to PMs)

“We need a team-centric methodology to synergize prioritizations of the key enabling scenarios.”

“But our alignment strategy requirements were solidified in S0!”

“Hard cuts enable broadening the taxonomy into a customer-facing provisioning stance that we can scale to our resource needs.”

“Oh. Then the checkpoints validated our open issue initiative blockers?”

“Sho ‘nuff.”

(turns back)

“He say: “In yo’ dreams, sucka.’”

Happy to clear all that up.

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3 Responses to Flibblegabble

  1. Noons says:

    You forgot to include
    “moving forward”.

  2. It’s getting like that. One day I should write a book about my experiences in a certain well know company. It shall be called ‘The Men Who stare at PC’s’

  3. Mikey the C. says:

    (Pulling both remaining hairs out of my head) Now I remember why I bailed on corporate life. Sigh. You are a far stronger man than I, Landon.

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