If you do this . . .

If you make a chart like this one:

(original here)

… as a red-green colorblind person, I hate you.

[Solution: copy into a paint program, match-up RGB color values]

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9 Responses to If you do this . . .

  1. me says:

    Ah, I sympathize. Every time someone comes up with one of those new scorecard type internal websites showing status, I cringe in expectation of a sea of “this might be red or green” squares, staring me in the eye.

  2. 300baud says:

    Any right-thinking person should hate the creator of that graph.

    My color vision is perfectly good and I had to strain to identify a lot of those. Two elude me entirely.

    Plus, it’s a terrible graph even without that. At the very least, the key should be sorted by average. And given that rankings are basically stable, this should have just been done as a table or a one-axis graph showing name and average bit rate.

  3. Phil says:

    I hate charts like that which distinguish by color. I’m not even colorblind and I still have trouble with them.

  4. Doug says:

    I’m not colorblind and I can’t tell the three greens (Charter, Cablevision, Frontier) apart.

  5. sapphirepaw says:

    I can’t read it even with ‘normal’ vision. Although I can see the colors OK in the legend, the color jumble in the actual graph lines makes it unnecessarily difficult to track.

    Someone fly Tufte into Netflix HQ, _now_.

  6. Drakfyre says:

    Hmmm… I can discern all of them easily.

    I’ll make a note to not pick colors on any charts I make in the future.

  7. Kurt Mosiejczuk says:

    It’s not much better for non-colorblind folks.

    They use blue like four times, with only the slightest differences between them. Two pinkish purples that are difficult to tell apart.

    It defeats the purpose of a graph. Graphs are supposed to help you visualize data easily. The only reason I made any sense of it was Ars Technica mentioned the order of the lines in their report.

  8. Marc says:

    Very sloppy work.

    How hard was it to label each squiggle directly, considering they mostly do not cross, and to choose the colors so that adjacent lines have different luminance values ?

    On a similar note, salesforce.com does similar shitty work. Their statistics module is useless on a black&white printer. Of course, they don’t give a shit for the little people, since the Pointy Haired guys always have the latest color printer….

  9. MikeA says:

    I once started at a company with a really comprehensive UI guide, including rules for the benefit of colorblind individuals. I was thinking how great it was to work for such a thoughtful company when I found out one of the founders was colorblind.

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