We live in the future

In conversation:

“I needed a new disk drive, and found that I could have a terabyte drive delivered that afternoon, in about five hours.”

“Also, we needed milk, so I added that to the order, too.”

I’d love to take that conversation back twenty years.

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3 Responses to We live in the future

  1. Julian F says:

    They wouldn’t believe you Landon!


  2. Marc says:

    And kids got so used to it, they don’t even see the magic in that.

  3. Drakfyre says:

    I just can’t get over how fast things change… I mean 7 years ago there was no YouTube (Now it’s on spell check), and I swear it was only VERY recently that LCD’s started getting AWESOME.

    Remember how crappy they were in the early 2000’s?

    Even that statement is a trip.

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