Vent Filter

If I ever set up another email system for a company, I’m going to configure a dud internal address named asshole, with a filtering rule set so any message composed with asshole as a recipient (either To: or Cc:) gets held, undelivered, until you remove the fake address.

Likewise filter if asshole appears in the first line or two of the body text.

This way it’s possible to compose something like:

From: blah
To: asshole

Dear Clueless Waste of Oxygen,

… stuff that makes you feel better but that you would never, EVER send …  ooops

This probably would have saved a certain person (not me!) a huge headache a not too long ago . . .

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3 Responses to Vent Filter

  1. Omer says:

    That’s anti-social that is,

    Save one headache for this one guy, spare the rest of us a huge laugh?

  2. Sol_HSA says:

    I’ve heard of several cases where people rant about a stupid customer to each other in emails and then the thread gets mailed to said customer by mistake because someone forgot to trim the thread..

    At least in one case this lead to major discount at a hotel with free meals.

  3. Ari C says:

    Not a new problem. Too bad modern email clients don’t have a standard solution. A friend of mine used Eudora ( possibly because they had this kind of feature.

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