A Little Mindcontrolmusik

’tis the season, therefore whenever I must brave a store I armor myself with a Zune and some loudish music to drown out the Pavlovian Chorus that drives our economy.

Otherwise, I start making up words in my head, like

Elmo roasting on an open fire . . .


Good King Wenceslas came to town
    Looking for a brothel . .

I’m sure this makes me a bad person, especially since I don’t buy much, and I clip coupons when I do.

What does this have to do with hacking, or dadding? Not much. I think I’m still recovering from the last couple years of mucking about with Kinect. I should be fully into the swing of things when the sun next shows its rosy face here in Seattle and I can stop the vitamin D supplements for a while.

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One Response to A Little Mindcontrolmusik

  1. Barfo Rama says:

    listen to “walking round in women’s underwear” and then try not to laugh in Pavlovville…

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