A waste

“That meeting was a waste of a perfectly good hour.  Man, I could have spent it, say, slamming a brick into my face over and over.”

“Or sticking your head into the elevator doors.”

“Right.  PowerPoint: The most toxic substance on earth, by weight.”

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7 Responses to A waste

  1. Noons says:

    One of the best moves in my life was to keep two cell phones: one private, one work.
    Both have one-key calls to each other. That way all I have to do is plant my work cell on the table at meetings and if someone goes into PowerToxic mode I can simply slip my hand to the private mobile im my pocket, press the call key and have the perfect excuse to leave the room!
    Works the other way around too… 😉

  2. david says:

    100% of the time I have no idea what you are talking about when it pertains to code. And in fact, couldn’t care less. But I find your ramblings to be some of the best reading material on the web so I check your blog daily hoping for a new entry. Enough of the ass kissing – when are you going to update “Fiction and Other Reading” assuming you’ve read a book or two in the last three years.

  3. landon says:

    @Noons: I’ve heard of people doing this with a web app that sends them a page, as early as the mid 90s. Still a useful technique.

    @david, et al: I’m in crunch mode at work, have been for several months. Having a son, house chores, hobbies and reading are taking priority over blogging, /something/ has to give…

  4. And I’ve got two days of “Vendor presentation” meetings. I need to find something like Buzzword bingo to keep me occupied.

  5. Harry the Hacker says:

    The cell phone thing a variation on “phone rescue”.

    Where I used to work there was a guy who – we think – had not actually worked on anything in years. He used to come sloping into somebodies office, and would tie them up for the next couple of hours.

    If anybody else was walking past and say this going on, we’d phone (on the old rotary dial phones!!) the person being pestered with an urgent summons to “The Lab”, or a meeting, or something similar.

    The Pest never caught on.

  6. chornbe says:

    I do believe I’ve confirmed it; we work at the same company! 🙂

    My general feeling about meetings is this: Don’t bother me unless you’re a) changing my direction or giving me new information, b) the project has been canceled/reprioritized or completely morphed, c) you need my immediate and current attention to cure cancer or save Superman or something. The hours it’ll take me to get back into the coding or designing groove is, in fact, more important than whatever this meeting is about.

    I know this: not out of arrogance, but because of history. We don’t learn from it (all the past meetings that meant nothing) so we ARE in fact repeating it (the current and future “status” meetings that do nothing but impede progress).

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