Startup doggerel

Little Willie had a start-up, it began in his garage
In a year he rented office space and soon it grew quite large
But then the techno-bubble popped and things went down the drain
Now Willie’s little start-up won’t be seeing the sun again

Oh, no more the raucous shouts of engineers amongst the cubes
No more nerfy ambush shoot-outs, no more calendars (with boobs)
The wells of cash have dried-up, the vulture capital has flown
Now Willie and his servers sit in the dark, alone

The landlord has a clean-up crew, and now they’re here to toss
The thousand-dollar office chairs, all the Nerf guns, and the boss
The parking lot is empty, it’s raining, and it’s chilly
Who will remember  I’m guessing, only Willie

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  1. Abel Duarte says:

    Brings a tear to my eye. (:

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