Dem bones

Find the yarrow sticks, dust off your Ouija boards, crack open a fresh set of dice and shuffle the Tarot deck really well, because it’s time to schedule that software again.

What happened last time? Well, the goat entrails turned out to be a horrible idea (even though the goat itself was pretty yummy, afterwards). When the shaman was in his trance he was fuzzy on the difference between HTML and XHTML, wasn’t sure what REST-ful actually meant [hey, join the crowd] and thought that our sprints were four weeks instead of two and a half, so the schedule got all mucked up. I guess if you regularly channel an omniscient, immortal being, the details could get a little murky. The GANT chart had us writing the web service in an afternoon, the client-side UI in another day, followed by sixteen weeks of bug triage.

So this time we’re doing it ourselves; no “let’s try the bearded guy on that mountain-top this time,” no fancy consultants and their shrunked-head grandfathers, no kiva pits or nasty tasting mushrooms. Just us, our brains, and a truckload of luck.

“Okay, Figby, stare into the smoke and tell me how long Particle Weaving is going to take.”

“Grandpa says, six days.”

“Does that include unit tests?”

“I’ll ask.”


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