Chemistry unhinged

Here’s a series of wonderful postlets on “Things [chemicals] I won’t work with.”  Link.  From stuff that smells very bad to things that like to explode in the dark; stinks and bangs for grown-ups (that is, if there /is/ any adult supervision in the chemistry biz, which I am beginning to doubt).


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2 Responses to Chemistry unhinged

  1. Bowler Dude says:

    Lol. I think everyone has there own personal list of items they will not work with. Unfortunately for most, this list is created from projects that went wrong! I know my list is pretty long.

  2. Jack says:

    It was the stuff that sets sand on fire that did it for me. Yikes!
    Funniest comment on that blog? “Famous last words — Hey, look, it’s forming a precipitate… BOOM!!!”

    I support the computer systems for a chem lab and I tell you what — those biohazard warning signs with a picture of broken dna chains still freak me out. The chemists just laugh and walk right past but I tend to hold my breath everytime I walk into those labs.

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