Here’s a bit of Newton memorabilia I was able to scan in.  It’s nearly black in my notebook, and I had to clean it up to make it somewhat legible –


It’s a crash dump showing the CPU registers after Something Bad happened while I was scribbling away on a Newton; the unit was untethered from any debugger so this is all that was available.

I remembering spending a few minutes laboriously copying down the numbers when (duh) I realized that I could simply upend the Newton on our photocopier and paste a copy into my engineering notebook.  The print was a bit dark, but it sure saved time.

The only example of physical cut-and-paste on the Newton that I’m aware of.


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6 Responses to Doh!

  1. William Mayo says:

    That is some combination of practical and hilarious that I am not often confronted with. Well done.

  2. Kaishaku says:

    Cut-and-paste on the iPhone is completely backwards-compatible with the Newton. *rimshot*

  3. David Clark says:

    I miss my messagepad 2000. I kept the batteries in it even though I didn’t use it. It finally just quit turning on. Makes me sad.

  4. Wazoox says:

    How fortunate I am. I used a Palm back then (Hanspring Visor), and I still use a Palm today (Treo 680, soon to become a Centro). So I still have the full archive of meetings, contacts and notes for the past ten years in my pocket, because the memory of the machine got bigger faster than I may ever fill it up.

  5. Jack says:

    I “banned for life” from the local video arcade for taking “screenshots” with a Polaroid instant camera. (I was writing a defender copy for the Apple ][.)

  6. The image seems to have gone astray. Sigh.

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