The name game

So here is a little game that takes some honesty, a little imagination, and (let’s be frank here) a fair amount of cynicism:

1) Think of a bunch of possible names of a web companies (e.g., “Zingit!” or “WhamWeb”). The honesty part is that you need to think of names you haven’t heard before.

2) Look up the names.

3) Score points. 1 point if the name was used, 2 points if the name is *still* being used, 5 points if the name was used, but the company is now defunct, 10 points if spammers have taken over the dead company’s web site. 50 points if the company logo was a sock puppet of any kind. Subtract 2 points for misses.

Oh yeah, and +100 points if you catch a drive-by virus while looking up the name…

For instance (and you’ll just have to believe that I wrote these down first, then looked):

Zingit! parked +1 point
WhamWeb hit! +2
WebZotz hit! +2
Zangle hit! +2
NetTips hit! +2
ScriptSynergy miss -2
FastPages hit! +2 (some company in NZ)
score 9 points

(If you comment on your own efforts, please do not include any full URLs — I don’t want this to become a linkback farm).

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5 Responses to The name game

  1. Aris says:

    4) If it sounds good – register and cybersquat.

    5) Profit! 🙂

  2. Bryce says:

    How many points for having the sock pocket?

  3. landon says:

    @Bryce: Actually *having* the original on-air sock puppet, maybe 1,000 points. Or maybe -1,000 points. Your choice.

    Thie one you link to seems to be a mass-produced sock puppet. It’s worth something, but I’m not sure what.

    Damn, have to start an Advanced Internet Name Game manual now. 1st edition, coming up….

  4. OK. So let’s say I used to work for someone who dreamed up that the best way to get web traffic would be to take everything in their product line, tack an “e” up front, a “.com” on the end, register it, and point it to their main page. The result was over 100 domain names (which I had to administer, of course), many of which were 20+ characters long, and none of which were anything that any sane person would EVER type into a web browser. Not when you could go to Yahoo or Altavista or that upstart Google and type what you were looking for and have a chance of actually finding it.

    So would that insider knowledge be cheating?

    And yes, those domain names did actually get used for something. You see, sometimes we needed throwaway e-mail accounts…

  5. Hagus says:

    I suck at this game …

    WebWhack – parked
    Stableweb – unregistered
    ZoopSearch – unregistered
    Wangle – parked
    BlueWave – “full service presentation media design” (ok …)
    NetPow! – parked

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