Get 'em off me

Last year my dad sepnt some time in the hospital, undergoing some brain surgery [it worked out okay, though things were a little hairy for a while]. Dad is a bit irascible, and also likes to joke.

So when asked “How did you sleep last night?”, he responded with “Great, except for the insects.”


“The insects on the wall.”


“The tiny insects on the wall were bothering me.”

At this point they clearly thought he was a little crazy. (Heck, I thought he was a little off). And this got written down in his hospital record, something like, “Sees invisible insects,” probably.

His doc came in concerned the next morning. By afternoon they got to the bottom of it; They found a bunch of small insects in his room’s bathroom, and the cleaning staff took care of them.

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3 Responses to Get 'em off me

  1. seth says:

    Always remember to pack Occam’s Razor when you stay at the hospital overnight.

  2. Mike Souza says:

    ROFL. It’s a bit disturbing though that the hospital has bugs…

  3. Justin Heiner says:

    Sounds one of the pranks they would play on an episode of House.

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