Little boy lexicon

“Aunt Juice. Not a relative, but as in, “I want juice.”

“Uh! Ah!” (points) I want something out of reach that I’m too lazy to tell you exactly what it is, and also it’s entertaining seeing you struggle with the whole guessing game.

“No!” “Yes.” As in, “Do you have to pee?” when he is at the hunched-over-and-dancing stage, ready to hose down whatever he’s hopping near and facing toward. No, he doesn’t have to pee, because that would admit weakness.

“Yes.” “Hell yes. Right now, dammit, and be quick about it you fool, what is taking so long?”

“What is that?” Because I want some.

“Is that [X]?” Because I want some.

“Daddy, I want to show you something.” refrain: Because…

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4 Responses to Little boy lexicon

  1. Hans says:

    For some reason, my 17-year-old stepdaughter pretty much uses the same lexicon, except for “Aunt Juice”. But then again she has… issues… 🙂

  2. dan says:

    Hmmm… Yup, that about covers it…
    PS. This reminds me of this…

  3. Miguel says:

    Have you ever had a… “Daddy, what time is it?” (from a 3yo) Because I’d rather be doing something else.

  4. OisĂ­n says:

    It’s always entertaining to see kids developing a functional vocabulary. My nephew is starting to form almost coherent sentences, which is an improvement on:

    “Ambulance? Ambulance? Ambulance? Ambulance?”
    “Yes, right, it’s an ambulance. It’s gone now.”
    “Gonnow. Ambulance? Ambulance. Ambulance? Ambulance! Ambulance?”
    “We saw it!!! Enough about the ambulance!”

    Where “ambulance” can be replaced with “fire deedeedz” (fire brigade) and “gaddy” (gardaĂ­ = police).

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