… and promptly got stuck [D2]

My Diablo 2 kick is over.  I got my “I’ll just play a few minutes to see what it’s like” character to the end of Act II, whereupon Duriel is handing my ass to me over and over again (“Grrr-Arg!  You’ve died six times, and I’m down, ooohhh, about two percent health — why don’t you go pick on some zombies, or chat with Deckard Cain a while?”).

I hate that critter; s/he’s harder to take out than Diablo.

So that’s it, I’m done again.

Swear it.



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  1. Barry says:

    Duriel and Diablo are probably the only two places in the game (on normal and nightmare, anyway) where you may have to spend time grinding up levels in order to get past them.

    As a sorceress, though, you can load up on stamina potions and use Blaze (if you have it).

  2. tehdiplomat says:

    Well it’s all for the better. You really didn’t want to run through the Act 3 forests did you? Just imagine how irritated you would have been tracking down all those pygmies that you can’t really see while they breath fire at you and stab you with little sticks.

  3. John says:

    I know your pain. You should intersperse Diablo 2 with a game like Mount & Blade. I am on a M&B kick right now especially since the new update. Although I cannot wait for Diablo 3, I suppose I will have too.

  4. Josh Perry says:

    I guess its just a good thing that there is no cow level 😉