Mx- standard-apology

Busy busy busy busy.  So: One line summaries today.

Comcast: When you call a customer and give a pitch about how neat it would be to get phone service over IP, please make sure the static and flanging on the line is minimal, or at least that the salesperson can be understood over all the interference.  Not impressed.

Our living room is being taken over by a spaceship, constructed out of Lego, books, blocks, crates and small trains.  I’m not sure where the spaceship is going; sometimes it’s Mars, sometimes the Moon, sometimes Mercury.  The cat and Mommy are occasionally press-ganged into being passengers.

Indy 4: I was pleasantly surprised.  (The first one was great, Temple of Doom sucked, #3 was okay, and I enjoyed this one more than the middle two).  I think I could tell the parts that Lucas was directly responsible for, and all I can say is that somebody needs to take him aside and tell him he’s blowing it.  The rest of the film makes up for the Lucas bits.

Programming: There’s C and assembly, there’s LISP/Perl/C#/Java, and then there’s HTML and everything else.  Well, maybe stick Smalltalk (and possibly Python) in the middle there.  I’m sure that the PL/1 soon-to-be-dinosaur die-hards of the 70s felt pretty much the same way about C.

The cat informs me that I have to feed the cat.


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  1. Adrock says:

    Indy 4? Really? The whole plot line was more bogus than any of the originals. I won’t give it away for fear of being a spoiler, but I would not recommend this movie as there is something in it that does not belong in an Indiana Jones flick.

  2. Oisín says:

    The love interest thing sucked badly. An entertaining romp, as they say (annoyingly often) in film reviews… Actually I thought it got completely ridiculous towards the end, thinking back!