Sucky day. Three crashed dev systems (you know it’s trouble when you have to use another computer as a power supply for the one that got screwed up so badly that it wouldn’t take an OS), a bunch of blue-screens, and about a day’s additional work for every hour that went by.

Then, around 4:00 in the afternoon, the clouds parted, the heavens rolled back, angelic beings buzzed by the window (okay, hyperbole, I don’t actually rate a window office), and the thing I’d been working on for a week and a half came undeniably to life. Well, it crashed when something didn’t clean up on termination, but before that it ran solidly for like thirty minutes and that’s better than being a zombie box that an hour earlier had been on +5V life support from a comrade.

And you wonder why engineers are odd ducks. And why soldering — and knowing the difference between positive and neh, nugga … um, the other one — is still a valuable skill for software people to have.

Some days are not progress, nor are they regress.  I’d have to call them “‘gress.”

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  1. Ron Adams says:

    I am so stealing that term. It perfectly describes so many of my days…

  2. *gress wouldn’t worked a little better.

  3. Josh Perry says:

    so incredibly true. 🙂

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