Interesting musing on programmer productivity:

Some will quickly point out that programming quality, like interest payments, compounds over time, and small differences in day-to-day productivity may turn into order-of-magnitude differences in delivery time…


One thing I’ve observed about “superstars” is the near-inhuman attention to detail that these people have.  I mean, analogous to compilers noticing that you forgot a semicolon, but at a higher level (e.g., noticing that a source-code rearrangement would help storage and performance issues, or getting all the doc-comments right, all the time, or alphabetizing variable declarations).


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One Response to Productivity

  1. What’s actually more amazing, at least to me, is how many people careless just hack the code to make things happen completely oblivious to the repercussions. Maintenance, performance, readability, forget them.

    They come in quick, get something done, and leave just as quickly. Of course they’re deliverables don’t ever work, but they’re gone before then, racing off to the next project.

    A real developer will take the time to do it right. As stated in your post, it will make all the difference in time. And often the time comes very quickly, within weeks to months, not years!!!

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