ubuntu fall down go boom

Let’s just say that the upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 on my Linux laptop Did Not Go Well.  (Seems to take about the same amount of time as it does on my Windows boxes to recover a productive environment; half a day to a day to get everything lined up, starting with a clean install.  Practice makes perfect).


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  1. Martin! says:


    I will be using you experience. I will make a full partition backup before upgrading! Just like you did, right? 😉



  2. James says:

    Ubuntu upgrades rarely seem to go well for me. I really think it’s something that needs to be worked on, but I have no idea how they’d smooth things out.

    An experienced friend informs me that it’s ideal to have a separate partition for your home folder and a textfile list of installed applications. That way, you can do a clean install every upgrade and feed your textfile into apt-get.

    I just got sick of the whole thing and went back to Arch Linux. Rolling releases mean a lot more individual package upgrades, but it seems to go quite a bit smoother overall.

  3. landon says:

    I did a due-diligence backup of all of my private files, plus a list of the stuff that I had installed. The upgrade died horribly about 99% of the way through, rendering the system unbootable.

    So: Fresh install of 8.04, plus I get to reinstall everything. And rediscover how to get bend Synaptic to my will. (The vanilla Ubuntu install seems _flaky_ in some areas, like, it claims to have gcc installed, but none of the header files are there).

    Man, there’s got to be a better way. If I never have to do another “bare metal install” again, I’d be pretty happy.

  4. William Mayo says:


    I had that happen last time, but it was during cleanup phase, so it ended up being practically a no-op to fix it.

    On the other hand, I have to perform the same fix to coddle my &$@% video card every time, so I’m certainly not running the best hardware setup.

    Still, it seems like they could at least break up the places where it could leave the system unbootable into smaller chunks. I mean, a 3 hour period where a crash means GAME OVER is a little nerve-wracking.

    Also, isn’t there some way to detect which apt-get installs require interaction, so as to batch all the ones that don’t (and aren’t dependent on the aforementioned)? I had about two hours of wasted time this install, about the same last time.

  5. CantChoose says:

    Ubuntu 8.04 has not been a good release. I’m on XP now and wanted to go back to Ubuntu in a dual boot with Windows Server 2008 (As a pure gamer os), but could not get a clean install of the 64 bit version. I’ll expect a bug fix soon, because this is the last thing the linux community needs, something the mood at Ubuntuforums.com suggest.

    But I wont give up on it. Ubuntu is great and all the other versions I’ve tried earlier have been without major flaws like this.

  6. Tony says:

    I gave up on the upgrade a long time ago, I just save myself the emotional trauma and plan for a clean install on all my machines,

  7. CantChoose says:

    Wait with that one cause both upgrade and clean install are pretty fucked up at the moment. Atleast 64 bit. 86 I do not know.

  8. Mike Souza says:

    I’m pretty much going to stay at 7.04. I spent way too long trying to get wireless to work with 8.04 the other day and then said screw it and just restored the backup images of my partitions back.

  9. Anon says:

    (In case of clean install only build tools required emergency go for the build-essential package)

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