William Gibson A-B-C

A is for AI, lurking in cyberspace
B is for Biz, the kind that’s best face-to-face

C for the Clinic Tanks, where non-payers go
D is for Dermatrodes, Deals and Dough

E for the Enzymes a-slosh in your head
F is for Flatliner, not really dead

G is for Gaijin, no way to blend in
H the Hosaka you take for a spin

I for Immortal (well, probably not)
J is for Johnny, who’s still very hot

K is for Ketamine, Kirin and Kink
L is for LED, Laser and Link

M for a microchip stuck in your bum
N is a Non-lethal (technically) gun

O stands for Override, which we do a lot
P is for payment, that we haven’t got

Q is for Quickly, Quiet and Quine
R is for Razor-girl, Radar and Rhine

S for Sabotage we do for a hobby
T for the TNT down in the lobby

U, the Ultrascan we get when we’re able
V for the Vat-grown stuff on our table

W for Worms, not the kind in the dirt
X is in Anxious, which keeps us alert

Y, the Yakuza would have us believe, is just
Z, a Zaibatsu, and no den of thick thieves

(Future titles probably include: “The Hack in the Cat,” and “Oh! The Places You’ll Be Routed!”)

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5 Responses to William Gibson A-B-C

  1. ryan.arnold says:

    Ha! This is great.

    And timely for me to. I have been having a Gibson vs Neal Stephenson argument with the other nerds at work over the past week…AND I just finished “The Difference Engine” on Tuesday. Not as good as neuromancer…but still a great read.

    Gibson rules! Stephenson Drools!

  2. landon says:

    I’ve started The Difference Engine like five times, but never finished it.

    Time for go-’round number six.

  3. Josh Perry says:

    HAHA wow that was simply amazing

  4. Gridlock says:

    I’ve read Necromancer and The Bridge like 7 or 8 times, and could quite happily re-read every year from now on.

    I read Cryptonomicon once, and really had to force myself to finish it. Stephenson may be entertaining (if overly-worthy) fiction, but if I had to put money on which was a time-travelling wordsmith from 2 decades hence…

  5. Josh says:

    My nucleus accumbens just exploded.

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