Phew. I finally got some time and polished off a couple things that were on the burner (sorry about the delay, it took about a month for the old Atari ST stuff to even come close to being readable. I hate pressure to write).

Posts should be smaller and more bite-sized for a while.  Again: Phew.

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  1. Don’t worry about it. I really love reading that stuff, even if it does take a month to write; it’s worth the wait.

  2. Omer says:

    “pressure to write”?

  3. Josh Perry says:

    definately worth the wait. Always a pleasure to see another link in the feed 😀

  4. Hi there,

    Not to add more pressure to write 🙂 but I’d love it if you could contribute to the Newton section on Folklore. I’ve been trying to recruit original developers on the Newton project.


  5. Titus Chirila says:

    your website is the most entertaining thing I’ve came across in many years of browsing. I’m from Romania, architect, 49 years old. Before 1989 I was an amateur programmer, started with basic, then pascal, then C. I was pretty good at programming those days but, as capitalism took over in Romania, I had to do something else for living. In those days my Atari ST, bought in 1986 in Germany and smuggled into Romania, was the fastest computing machine in town for 3 years. In order to get some speed I had to learn about using registry variables, about replacing tables with indirected by pointer arrays and, because of the numerous power failures in that time, to make snapshots every 5 minutes of a program calculating reinforcing for columns under eccentric loads. This program run for three months non-stop when electric power was available and an engineer is still using it’s results today. Lattice C was my passion those days. Thank you.

  6. landon says:


    In the ST days, there were one or two people from Poland hanging around Atari Corp. — they were allowed to import the 8-bit computers, but the Polish government would not permit them to import the ST, or any printers. (I think the Poles were doing printer drivers for us).

    I am quite familiar with “saving every 5 minutes,” since the circuits in the engineering area of Atari were (ahem) over-subscribed, and merely turning on (say) a coffee pot would occasionally trip a breaker.

    “Oh no, Landon’s making coffee again, everybody save!”

    True story.

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