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Spoken truth

Oh dear. A horrible waste of time.

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Mike Culbert, RIP

I just read that Mike Culbert, who was the chief technologist on the Apple Newton (and went on to do a lot of other neat stuff at Apple) has died of cancer. We’ve lost another really great engineer. Mike was … Continue reading

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new spacehog album

There is a new Spacehog album: As It Is On Earth. I had no idea this was going to happen (as far as I knew they broke up years ago). Now all we need is for Mansun and Ambulance, Ltd … Continue reading

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Seaing Clearly

When you wade into the ocean and a kid who’s six years old says, “Mister, you shouldn’t wear your glasses into the water,” just maybe you should listen. Because some six year old kids are smarter than you are. Within … Continue reading

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