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How to remember someone’s name

1. Ask for their name. 2. Use the person’s name a couple of times as you converse. 3. Repeat their name under your breath when you part. 4. When you meet the person again, simply say “I’m sorry, I’ve utterly … Continue reading

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Angry Protocols

“That’s an interesting problem. I think it’s time for . . . an ANGRY PROTOCOL!” “Angry protocol?” “You know, like a normal protocol, but it’s got knuckle-busters and a ripped leather jacket and biker buddies, and it doesn’t have error … Continue reading

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What does a buffoon do when his project is utterly out of code space, running late, and rather horribly extremely buggy? Why, he adds more features, of course! Customer: “We want a log of the temperature readings for the last … Continue reading

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PHP versus PCP

One of these makes your eyes roll back in their sockets, makes you violent, and causes you to shiver and shake and shout and want to kill things. It makes your eyes bleed. Sharp objects appear inviting and cuddlesome. The … Continue reading

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Pope re-signs with Cardinals

Well, that was unexpected. +

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This makes me very happy

The Barenaked Ladies and Chris Hadfield on the ISS singing.  

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