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A cure for a cold

Nothing like being sick (on a Sunday) hanging out with your son and watching The Three Stooges. (Is it required that every Stooges movie contain a food fight?)

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RenderMonkey to the rescue

I always wanted to muck around with GPU shaders, without having to write a thousand lines of C++ and other nonsense. RenderMonkey is the answer. Yay! Now I can start plowing through those GPU Gems books that have been nagging … Continue reading

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Here are some neat things I’ve been reading. Zip files all the way down: (Quine tricks are enlightening, and everyone should try it once. Once might be enough, though :-/ ) Fast functional lists: (Joker, that is not … Continue reading

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Really advanced data structures

This is a neat set of course notes  on advanced data structures from MIT (link courtesy of Reddit). Also, kids appear to be doing graph walks in 2nd grade math. Not presented as such, but as “find paths through a set of boxes-and-lines that add up to … Continue reading

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Not Allowed (again)

I will not superglue the pointless glass trophies we are occasionally awarded onto any surface in my manager’s office. Not allowed to do anything to the Elmo doll that may compromise anyone’s emotional integrity. Actually, I’m not allowed to superglue … Continue reading

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Looper and Points Beyond

Both my wife and I had yesterday off from work (her free day was a ship gift, mine was . . . well, more about that later). So we had a nice breakfast at The Original Pancake house, went to the UW bookstore, and then … Continue reading

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Sick day

What my 8 year old son learned, spending a day home from school: Not being allowed to play Minecraft sure takes the fun out of being sick. Repeating “I’m bored” to Daddy every five minutes is an effective way to … Continue reading

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