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Atomic Rockets

I just spent an entire morning reading Atomic Rockets. I suggest that you do, too (even if it’s not morning). Check out the sidebar links. Anything that starts out by deconstructing Heinlein’s “Torchships” is gonna be fantastic, in my book … Continue reading

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Random Musings

I’ve been digging into more C++ esoterica recently; a result of having to grok a bunch of code written in a group with a completely different mindset. (I may have mis-spelled the word “morals”). So, I think I know how … Continue reading

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Monday’s Build

Monday’s build ran short of space, Tuesday’s build fell on its face, Wednesday’s build was full of woe, Thursday’s build had far to go, Friday’s build was unforgiving, Saturday’s build was barely living, But the build that was made on … Continue reading

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Bicycles and Booms

In 1977 I was a teenager in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It was a relatively small town back then; probably around 40,000 people, not including the students at Colorado State University.  I could bicycle across town to the new city library … Continue reading

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DFW again

David Foster Wallace: breakdowns, recovery and IJ. here  

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