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Conspiracy Theory # 1

[Scene: The early 90s, in an office of a certain Silly Valley computer manufacturer] “I’ve got a great idea.”   “Shoot.” “You know how old programmers are usually overrun and crushed by the young turks? These kids are fresh out … Continue reading

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King of Payin’

Sorry, Amazon. Even though I’m a relatively new Kindle owner, with eyes that still sparkle at the phrase “Buy now with 1-Click,” and even if I’m still a little giddy at sub-minute delivery, I’m not going to shell out 17 … Continue reading

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Angry Science Fiction Fans of Dune

My first SF convention was in 1976 or thereabouts, and Frank Herbert was Guest of Honor. I skipped a whole day of 9th grade and later caught hell from my parents, but it was worth it. [This was the year … Continue reading

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Growing up

How fast they grow. This morning, our 7 year old discovered how to open child-proof caps.  

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