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A Little Memorial Day Faux Pas

I remember thinking, “That sounds like it might be good . . . wait a minute.” They’re not going to get much business from Vietnam vets. And definitely not on Memorial Day.

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747 landing video

Here is a long but very well done video of a Virgin Atlantic crew making a landing at SFO. (And here they are taking off …).    

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Tom West, RIP

Tom West, the engineering manager that Tracy Kidder wrote about in The Soul of a New Machine, has died at age 71. Obit in┬áthe Boston Globe. I read Soul before I first used a Vax, then re-read it years later … Continue reading

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Memory lane

Apropos nothing, here is me programming a 128K Mac in MacForth in 1985.

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Kindle and Sony comparison

I’ve had a Sony PRS-505 book reader for three years. The battery on is dying (it will hold a charge for maybe 300 page turns now) and it is developing bad pixels, but on the whole it was a champ, … Continue reading

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John McPhee is one of my favorite writers. This is his esssay in the New Yorker on the control of the lower Mississippi: link. (Also in The Control of Nature). —- It depresses me to learn that the Coyote in … Continue reading

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Charles Stross will be in the Seattle area . . . sometime soonish. The Usenix talk sounds pretty neat. (I’ve been doing a lot of reading on security recently. God damn, there are a lot of clever people out there. … Continue reading

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That’s fast, daddy

Our son has his own computer. I can’t really believe I’m typing that: He’s in Kindergarten and he has a computer that would have been the envy of anyone on the planet when I was his age. Hell, in the … Continue reading

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