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RIP Joanna Russ

Joanna Russ, SF author, has died of a stroke at age 74. Link. I liked nearly everything she wrote, but especially And Chaos Died, Picnic on Paradise and We Who Are About To…

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Planning for the Runaway Bride

A worst case scenario: She freaks out and decides to run. And the official response? Link.

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DRM is . . .

DRM is all about punishing the customer. At some point, your DRM will let your best customers down, and you’d better have a damned good story then. Right now, the person I’m talking to does not have a good story. … Continue reading

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Travel companions

We’re back from a week in California, and visits to relatives and two theme parks. Ordinarily a coaster lover, the Gibber’s very coaster ride of the trip — the large, rickety Ghostrider at Knott’s Berry Farm —┬áset the tone for … Continue reading

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God, not /these/ Forerunners again

Are we alone in the universe? The recent discovery of /tons/ of planets around neighboring stars has made one of the factors in the Drake equation more solid, to the point where it’s quite possible there are half a billion … Continue reading

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The Pale King

David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King is out, and I am reading it. In 2008 we had arrived for a vacation in LA, and driving from the airport we heard on NPR that DFW had died. My wife and I … Continue reading

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