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Trinity Graph Database

Trinity is a neat looking distributed hypergraph database by some folks in MS Research. That is all.

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Books on Nuclear Reactors

Some good books on nuclear reactors (some of these are out of print): V.M. Chernousenko, Chernobyl: Insights from the Inside. A very good (if not well organized) description of the Chernobyl accident. Paul R. Josephson, Red Atom. History of the … Continue reading

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New books this year

I mentioned earlier that Vernor Vinge has a new book out in October. Here are a few more: Robert Charles Wilson’s _Vortex_ (July). I really liked _Spin_, and _Axis_ hopefully suffered from an “unsatisfying book in the middle” effect (though … Continue reading

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Someone hacked Dadhacker. I think things are back now.

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