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Nice paper on Lithium

A well-written paper on Lithium, an interesting approach to distributed log-structured storage: link. [Storage and databases are a hobby…]

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Thoughts on a Summer Picnic

O Lord, we really prefer not to know Just what was in Janet’s casserole It filled our tummies, and then our colons Now half the congregation’s groanin’ While the other half, in anxious ranks Fills the porta-potty tanks O Lord, … Continue reading

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The Smell of Hell

How often have you been here? You’re given an archive to unpack; something to port and run and see how high it gets before it crashes. What you find is a bunch of nested directories full of source code. There’s … Continue reading

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Eschatology: What will be around in 50 years?

I’m curious about a little future history. Most of my work is done in C, C++ and C#, and I write documents mostly with Visio and Word. This is not what most of the industry does (frankly I have only a … Continue reading

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