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Ruling with an iron fist

Someone more or less anonymous tried to comment: the fact that you removed my first (quite witty, although critical) comment is as ridiculous as you making all of these points up just to score some “fun points” with your readers. … Continue reading

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Things I am not allowed to do any more

[About three quarters of these are actually true, about half of them are true for /me/.] I am not permitted to replace a cow-orker’s reference books (including his Knuth, Sedgewick, and C++ reference manuals) with several linear feet of steamy … Continue reading

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The View from Mt. Deja Vu

Sorry, I’ve been busy.  The books pile up, the relatives come into town, there is LEGO to build with your son, or videogames to beat. Also, when things are going pretty well, I don’t need to vent.  So I’m not … Continue reading

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