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The Ungiving Box

Once upon a time (at a company definitely not the one I’m working at now) there was an administrative assistant who thought that the group she worked in was not giving enough. So one holiday season she set up a “giving … Continue reading

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An ultimately unsuccessful interview

[No names, and I’m deliberately fuzzy about dates. Not even names of technologies. There were some really good and quite nice people at this company — if you’re reading this, you know who you are ] —- … so after … Continue reading

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Cat memory

We got our cat used; I think she was a couple of years old.  We’ve had her for about 8 years.  The whole time she’s been with us we have fed her solid (crunchy) food, lately an organic brand that … Continue reading

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This comment deserved some expansion.  Let the fur fly. Does this mean we can stop now?  No. Can the pain finally end? What pain?  If it’s painful, stop doing that.  Feel better now?  Great! Can we have integers that really … Continue reading

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I also noticed…

Anomolous increase in diurnal temps in the US after flights were grounded for 3 days following the 9/11 attacks.  (Link). Also, I noticed that after a couple of days, the birds were (for lack of a better word) acting cocky.  … Continue reading

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Things you learn from your kids

Canadian dimes (at least) are magnetic, while US dimes are not. (Wikipedia article). Boba Fett has one gun, and Jango Fett has two. Cats are not magnetic.  However, they do not like to have this proved by application of a magnet … Continue reading

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