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Loma Prieta, at Apple

Though it wasn’t a Hollywood moment, the hamster made it out just fine; it had had plenty of practice. It was the afternoon of a not-really-hot day in October 1989. The hamster in question belonged to a cow-orker in the … Continue reading

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Don't get me started on that subject

“Reaction time is a factor in this test, so please pay attention. Now, answer as quickly as you can.” “Okay.” “Nine two six five three –” “Those are digits of Pi.” “What?” “I memorized that when I was a kid.” … Continue reading

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More pithy observations

“They got over-paranoid and missed the difference between declaring types and declaring war.” —- “Ummmm . . . say, if aliens from planet Zorkon invaded us and demanded that we run our software on their 57-bit word, 11-bit byte, inverse-byte-order … Continue reading

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