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Sleep, perchance to code

I take naps at work. There. I said it. My career is probably ruined now. In grade school I don’t remember what classes I had after lunch, but I probably came close to failing them. There is something evil — … Continue reading

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Dem bones

Find the yarrow sticks, dust off your Ouija boards, crack open a fresh set of dice and shuffle the Tarot deck really well, because it’s time to schedule that software again. What happened last time? Well, the goat entrails turned … Continue reading

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Mars or burst

IEEE Spectrum has a nice special edition on getting to Mars: Link. Charles Stross on how harsh space travel really would be: Link.  

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Super Pacman easter egg

Don Hodges found an easter egg that I’d left in the Atari 400/800 version of Super Pacman.  link   Here’s my response to him: —- Oh, lordy.  I’d forgotten that was still in there.  At one point the code at that address did put … Continue reading

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DK easter egg found

Don Hodges found the easter egg I put in Donkey Kong over 25 years ago.  His write-up is at: I’m totally impressed. And no, getting the easter egg to pop up still isn’t worth your time…. 🙂  

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