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A little more wisdom

The longer it takes to fix a bug, the smaller the fix will be. [I once spent two weeks finding a nasty bug in the Newton’s OS, which was manifested by a mysterious and well-nigh irreproducible scheduler freeze. The fix … Continue reading

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50,000 pieces of blog spam. (rant omitted) Carry on.  

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Installer heck

I started using Microsoft’s Visual C++ in 1993 when the 1.0 version came out; when version 1.5 was released, I was using it to develop products at a startup. One of the things that was interesting about VC++ then was … Continue reading

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Taking stock

“That’s three P-1 bugs this week, Bill.” “Yes sir, I know.” “All the managers had a meeting about it this morning. So . . . how do you want to do this? Go the HR route, or –” “I’ll take … Continue reading

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