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Format /this/

Once upon a time I wrote a formatter for a new hard disk drive product. I was young and impressionable, and had once lost a bunch of work when I accidentally wiped a disk, and so this utility was paranoid … Continue reading

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More financial fall-out

It could be my imagination, but it seems there are many more HP financial calculators (e.g., 12C models) on Ebay now than there were a year ago…. [I’ve been carrying my 48G to meetings recently, because there is often a … Continue reading

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Recessionary Start-Up Blues

The Finance guy’s been screaming at the CEO all week I’m lookin’ at our ad hits, and man, do things look bleak All of Sales is drinking (and our admins sniffing glue) We’ve got the ads-are-sinking web-two-oh recessionary blues The … Continue reading

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A shower of sparks

Munch (an ex-cow-orker) sends this link describing in detail what happens with guys and electricity and the square root of two and girls.  Here. My only brushes with the Irritable Fire God Who Lives In The Walls have been fleeting … Continue reading

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A puff of smoke

In 1977 I was a teenager in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was a relatively small town back then; probably around 40,000 people, not including the students at Colorado State University. I could bicycle across town to the new city library … Continue reading

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The Natural History of Cars

A disturbing question from my son: “Daddy, is Lightning McQueen a robot?” I’ve had actual nightmares about the automobile-populated world of Cars. Thinking in terms of evolution, imagine some kind of micromechanical start to life. Instead of clay hosting self-reproducing … Continue reading

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Generated album covers

It’s random, juvenile, and sometimes hilarious: Random album covers. One of my favorites.  And this, too. [Douglas Crockford on some random level generator in the 80s: “Never once the same.  Never twice very much different.”]

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