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It’s been sparse the past month or two.  Sorry about that; not much free time.  And to tell the truth, I seem to write more stuff when I need to vent, and things are going pretty well lately. —- I … Continue reading

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McPhee geological thought experiment

John McPhee is one of my favorite writers.  I have all of his books. So this blog posting on Making Light made my day.  Link.

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Scrum in Middle Earth

“Gandalf?” “I finished up the Balrog thing yesterday. Got resurrected this morning, and some laundry done; that new bleach is really great on eagle shit, by the way. This afternoon I’m helping out on the Minas Tirith suicide hotline. On … Continue reading

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Once upon a time I was working on a project at Apple code-name “Pogo” — a few of us had fond memories of Walt Kelly’s old cartoon character, we made up words to fit the acronym, did a T-shirt, and … Continue reading

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