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Children's Literature

Childrens’ books we passed up recently: H. P. Lovecraft, To Think That It Thawed Out on Mulberry Street Marco sees a street corner fish-seller’s stall on the way home from school, but it is oddly shaped and has recently been … Continue reading

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Old mac

Several years ago, in anticipation of my son’s wanting a computer, I bought a couple of cheap ($10) Macintosh IIsi systems (the original list price in 1990 was over $3000).  Last week I set one of them up.  I found … Continue reading

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Here’s a bit of Newton memorabilia I was able to scan in.  It’s nearly black in my notebook, and I had to clean it up to make it somewhat legible – It’s a crash dump showing the CPU registers after … Continue reading

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Notebooks from the fringe of hell

Over 15 years ago I started using sketch books (and a fountain pen) for my note-taking and design work.  The notebooks by Strathmore come in various sizes, the paper is acid free, they are pretty cheap (compared to Moleskins), and … Continue reading

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The name game

So here is a little game that takes some honesty, a little imagination, and (let’s be frank here) a fair amount of cynicism: 1) Think of a bunch of possible names of a web companies (e.g., “Zingit!” or “WhamWeb”). The … Continue reading

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“I’m good at this game!” [We got the board game Chutes and Ladders for our son this Christmas.] “No, there’s no real strategy in it.  You just spin.  It’s all luck.” I disagree.  The real strategy to learn in Chutes … Continue reading

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Who moved my thumbscrews?

Everyone’s been looking for silver bullets for so long they’ve forgotten what they set out to kill. Practically everything has been floated as The Answer for solving the Software Crisis, a crisis that has been with us since the first … Continue reading

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Get 'em off me

Last year my dad sepnt some time in the hospital, undergoing some brain surgery [it worked out okay, though things were a little hairy for a while]. Dad is a bit irascible, and also likes to joke. So when asked … Continue reading

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Stages of toddler sleep

Judging by the behavior of our kid, falling asleep is apparently a learned behavior. Like many things about babies, this came as a complete surprise to me. Like many other things in life that occupy more or less all of … Continue reading

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