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I read a news story today (link) where some economists (or rather, analysts who focus on economists, which is a little like saying “con men who study charlatans”) speculate on the possibility of a zero percent prime rate from the … Continue reading

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Fry's is Hell

Fry’s is Hell.  I’d forgotten what it was like to return a computer there.  Just unbelievable. (lots of deleted stuff.  maybe later when I calm down) Really don’t buy computers at Fry’s.  Just don’t.  Best Buy will be getting my … Continue reading

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Digging deep

Some companies have very strange ideas about how to sell software. “So, you want the Frangle SDK?” “Yes.” “Okay, that will be $1995 for the compiler.” “That’s kind of steep, software-wise. I’m just sayin’.” “Or the Platinum version for $13,995. … Continue reading

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Bumper sticker

Seen recently: “Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?”  

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Joke of the day

I forget who told this one to me.  I am terrible at discussing politics, and this joke never fails to get me safely away from a discussion, or in some cases escape from people who approach me at random (e.g., at … Continue reading

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Things must be pretty bad at Radio Shack. An FM tuner that was given to my wife years ago had developed memory loss; it wouldn’t retain any presets. I finally got around to cracking it open, and sure enough, a … Continue reading

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