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On the third hour of a build, this popped out

Syntax won’t save you Semantics just suck Abstractions are falsehoods Might as well drive a truck (apologies to DP)

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A web page devoted to MicroChess.  link.  Source code: link. The original version ran in 1.1K of memory (1024 + 128 bytes) on a KIM-1 trainer.  I suck at chess, and it beat me.  

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Super Heros

On superheroes: It’s Superman. Bat-man didn’t have any special powers, and his side-kick was a little suspect.  With the Fantastic Four it was deux ex machina, and what’s interesting about a troupe with that much power?  Thor was disturbing as … Continue reading

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What's open

What’s open on the 1st of January?  Fitness stores, apparently.  (Also guessing that you can easily sign up for YMCA/YWCA and fitness club memberships…).  

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Good reads (and duds) in 2007 SF

Great reads:  Charles Stross, Halting State.  Starts with a band of Orcs making a raid on a bank in an online game, nearly ends the world (well, the parts that Charles Stross lives next to, anyway).  Well drawn characters, decent … Continue reading

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